Month: March 2017

I can’t get enough of the summer weather

I was watching an old western on TV last night called Wagon Train. The story was set in Texas during the summer and I wondered how people back then got through the long hot summer without air conditioning. They didn’t even have electricity to run a fan. I grew up in the south without air […]

I would like to renovate my home

I’ve a noisy HVAC system around my house. When my air converts on, it makes a loud banging sound in addition to when it cycles off. I guess I should get my HVAC provider to come out and review my metal vents and the ductwork as the sounds are more then likely associated with them. […]

The window was wide open

It is no wonder that baseball is actually America’s “favorite pass-time”. As my favorite sport, I play baseball as much as I possibly can. I play on 3 different teams already. Sometimes I am worried i might throw out my arm because I play the activity so often, but I have yet to be injured […]

A digital display for my HVAC system

Being sick is the worst things that can happen to someone, in my opinion regardless. It could be the flu, a common cold, or something nastier like a disease. The feeling to be weak and in pain while also knowing the cost from staying home as an alternative to attending work is a horrific sensation. […]

This is really a great heater

Come early July, I’ve been living with 9 other guys in a cabin while we go on hiking expeditions around the area every few days. I’ve been eating all organic food and also the exercise everyday is getting me in excellent shape. I got here a day late so I got stuck with the top […]

Finding an electric heater

After moving out from a European country to a very cold Northern state, I could not understand the way people in this section of the world spend so much funds and energy on heating systems. The place I live, radiant heating is utilized by most everyone. The homes inside my country almost always come with […]

How cleaning the HVAC saves energy

Did you know that cleaning your HVAC is one of the most energy efficient things you can do? If you want to save energy and lower your bills, then adjusting the thermostat does help. Do not use your heating and cooling as much. Also turn off the HVAC when you are not home. Close the […]

The HVAC system controls the whole house

I’ve heard two theories about using AC or heat when there’s a room in a home not being inhabited. Some people have said keeping the door shut will decrease the useage, where others have said keeping the doorway open will allow the temperature of the home to remain more even steady and an HVAC unit […]

Wish I could take AC for my bike rides

I am a bike riding freak. I love taking my bike out and riding around town. I ride my bike everyday at least for an hour. When I was in college I would ride it to class, work and then back home. Now in my town I just ride it to work, the store and […]

Reading is one of my favorite things

My childhood consisted of spending a lot of my summer days at our town’s library. I really loved examining the books and watching motion pictures, but I especially loved that every library had cold air conditioning. I didn’t have any air conditioning within my own home, because we were poor farmers with almost no money. […]