Month: February 2017

The airflow in the vents is dirty

I adore driving on the weekend. It’s great to get driving, fill up the tank with gas and head in any particular direction. I’ll stop to notice an interesting business or public area I have never been to. It is indeed a superb way to bring some weekly experience and fulfillment to my life. I […]

Checking on a different floor

I got sick in my hotel room while I was on vacation. I had been out partying a bit. But, my standards for partying is two beers and a good conversation, so I didn’t attribute my illness to it. I had been exercising most of the time. My diet is pretty superior. I’d say I […]

I hate when I start sweating

When I drive to the gym, I almost always take classes they offer. I feel like it motivates me to lift weights for a full hour and I truly enjoy the music the educator plays. It’s just a really an entertaining environment that takes my mind off the busy day at work. I enjoy getting […]

Fixing and installing HVAC equipment

I never thought I’d be embarking on a path towards becoming an experienced in heating and cooling systems, but a few months ago, I started a program at a technology institute to become a great HVAC technician. I struggled for years trying to figure out what to do with my life. I am now 21, […]

Enjoying the air conditioning in my office

I can’t live without my air conditioner inside summer. My hair turns into a giant frizzy mess and I sit there and sweat all day long without an A/C. I am in the deep south, which means humid and hot weather the entire day for months. Along with the crazy warm weather comes hurricane season. […]

Thermostats and air duct equipment

A month ago, my husband and I decided to sell our house. We knew there were a few minor repairs meant for the house and that it needed an alternative A/C system, so we factored that in the price. The house is ducted for an HVAC system, but we were using window air conditioners all […]

My space heater just won’t start

My dad actually has three heating systems in this particular home. What is interesting is that he actually needs all three of those. He has a space heater inside the kitchen. He uses the space or room heater on particularly cold nights. The heating system is for the cold tiles and because the kitchen is […]

I can easily save money with the air conditioner

I have this weird hobby that I like to do. I enjoy walking round my property. We have a fairly large property and I circulate it. I listen to music, get some exercise and clear my head. To the people driving by I seem like a mental patient. I literally walk in circles. I have […]

there are more heating options than people realize

My sister Veronica and I got a house together about four weeks ago. We were happy with the layout of the home, the walls and the floor covering. What we were not very happy to see was an ancient looking boiler inside the basement. I was already contemplating ripping it out and checking other heating […]

We are going to put in a ductless air conditioner

I didn’t think the temperature in our house was contributing to the fights I was having with my better half. He hated when I adjusted the thermostat during the winter. He said I always made sure the furnace was constantly functioning. I didn’t think so and he said he was miserable as a result of […]