Month: January 2017

A thermostat can reach any temperature you want

The time my daughter was only eight, my husband got very ill. It all began with several little pains in his abdomen. The pain would come and go and another day he went to our physician to have it looked for. The doctor said there didn’t seem to be anything wrong and suggested my husband […]

I’m glad these settings are set so low

I actually wish I never had to see the inside of a doctor’s office. I know that I should feel happy to reside in a country that has pretty good health care which can be found for almost everyone, but even now, I simply do not like frequenting a doctor. First of all, it always […]

My indoor temperature was getting way to high

Before my spouse and I were blessed with our children, we went out to dinner, to the movie house, to the beaches, to the clubs whenever we felt like it. We didn’t give it a 2nd thought. Well, all that changed when we were blessed with the children. Spontaneity is impossible when kids Come along. […]

We were glad to have the heat working

Growing up, my sister and I would often be without much heat inside the house in winter. Our home was located near the base of a mountain, and we lived on a small, working organic farm. We scarcely had a harsh winter, but one time in particular, we got an immense blizzard. I was about […]

The air conditioning is working really hard

My friends, classmates, and I had just about the most wonderful prom planned for our senior year. Every detail was covered, right down to the band and singers, the floral arrangements, along with the beautiful banquet hall. One of our school board members is in charge of the local country club, and we were able […]

I don’t like when it’s cold

As a kid, I used to love my parents’ halloween get-togethers. The adults always looked like these folks were having so much fun, and I could not wait until I was old enough to be a part of the great festivities. The crackling logs in the fireplace, along with the roaring laughter of everyone at […]

Enjoying the heating and cooling

My family loves to go camping. My partner and I hate it. In my opinion, “roughing it” would be vacationing in a three star hotel with no air conditioning or room service. Severely, I could probably only endure one night without air conditioning. I may be ok if there ended up being a ceiling fan, […]

I know I need better HVAC service

On saving money on home repair fees, it’s important to be able to maintain and service your A/C system and heating system without any help. There will be times when the problem is not able to be fixed without aid from a certified HVAC repairman. One of the most expensive units to change for your […]

I had a very unique issue

No matter where you live there is a huge difference in how each organ of the country treats heating and cooling. Down towards the south and out west, for example, takes air conditioning seriously. I never saw a place without air conditioning, because it’s so important. But up north, you’d be pushed to find places […]

I like working around my home

My spouse and I got our first home a year and a half ago and so far, we’ve done a lot of work around the house. Our first project was sanding together with refinishing our back deck. After that, we installed new pillars on our front porch and recently pulled out our carpeting downstairs and […]