Month: January 2017

I’m happy we put in heated flooring

From our local hospital I realized that they had hydronic heating on this sidewalk. This is so that the snow does not stick on the sidewalk. It melts the snow and also alleviates ice so that older people can walk better on it. I bet it was really expensive to arrange but it is really […]

I had to do HVAC service quickly

I personally use a boiler system for everything around my home. The boiler is my massive heating system. The heater stays within the basement and the heat travels through vents in my floor. Then my whole home can be heated by the boiler system. The boiler is also hooked up to my water tank. It […]

The heat in the summer is troublesome

I have lived in the south all my life and until I acquired a job up north. I earned a nice office job, bought a house and made friends. I came down in the springtime and I was shocked at how cold it was. I had to use my apartment’s heating system right away. People […]

I know my heater is really dirty

Regarding furnaces, there are many different kinds of energy sources you can use. You can buy a heating system run by power, gas or oil. Which is the best option? A number of people use gas heating options. A gas heater may seem like the best thing to use, but there are complications that come […]

The HVAC is running on high

Every last spring, I am inundated with company from out of town. All my friends and relatives wish to come visit. They are all sick of the cold, and want to come to my house to enjoy the warm sunshine. It helps that we have got a pool and are only a few minutes away […]

Staying comfortable

Regardless of the time of year it is, I am always hot. I don’t know why. It could be the midst of winter, with a blizzard blowing outside, and I still feel hot. My husband just doesn’t get it and we’ve had multiple arguments about the thermostat. I love the house to be nice and […]

My gas heater is the best

I got myself a new car last week. It’s a bright, shiny completely new, red SUV. I love it. I looked around at vehicles for about a month or so, before I selected this one. It has all you could want in an auto. It has an awesome sound system, which I believe is better […]

A dirty filter is a pain

It’s the middle of winter and your furnace is not working. What are you supposed to do? If you have a forced air heating system, the furnace or heat pump will be the heart of it. These different kinds of furnaces are usually reliable, but they also can break down. It is important to learn […]

Maintaining the heating and air

It is the middle of the summer, and your property is not cooling down. There is little air coming through the vents, or maybe your system isn’t turning on at all. Don’t panic and feel as if you are going to have to spend a lot of money for the new HVAC system. There are […]

I think this system may be leaking

HVAC units are one of the most reliable appliances in our family homes, however sometimes you will encounter a problem. Many times, you can take care of these problems on your own, but for more complex troubles, it is best to call a professional HVAC technician. The most typical things an HVAC professional definitely will […]