Month: December 2016

Completely new thermostats!

After I graduated from high school and moved out of our home, my parents took the empty house as a chance to make some upgrades. They repainted all the walls in their home, including the porch. My bedroom became an office space for my father, and he put his old bookshelves and albums in there. […]

Setting the thermostat just right

Having a roommate can be quite a fun time. You almost always have someone to hang out with and to do things with like go out on the town or to the theater. In addition to being my roommate, she’s one of my best pals, so it is the ideal living situation. We both have […]

Making sure there aren’t any bad aromas

Not long ago, I started trying to instruct myself how to cook. When I was a kid, I was never considering cooking, so I didn’t really figure out how to do it. My parents got accustomed to ordering food a lot, and my mother was rarely cooking big meals for people like us. As an […]

Summer days and our air conditioning

My children can’t get enough of camping, and we make an attempt to go every summer. Luckily for me, we rent a big cabin instead of making everyone sleep in tents every night! If we stayed in tents, I definitely wouldn’t be going, since I’m already not really a camping person. I have to admit […]

Regular settings and how it is going to work

My husband and I left for an exciting weekend with our friends. A big group of us are likely to stay in a lake vacation cabin, and we’ll spend a couple of days relaxing on the beach, drinking beers, and cooking on their grill. It’s quite a long drive for many people, since we live […]

My fireplace and the warm air

When my sister moved out of the house for the first and last time, she moved to the northern U.S.. There, she experienced extremely cold weather for the very first time. She also lived in and around snow to begin her new life, which was plenty fun to her, and a great change of pace […]

Cold temperatures and my heater

My dad’s side of the family has always thrown very massive parties. I have a reasonably large family, so it seems natural that we all regularly have large parties, or at the least that they seem big. My dad has eight brothers and sisters, and they each have a minimum of one child, and now […]

My window air conditioner is great

I actually, unlike most humans, love sleeping. I like sleeping in the dark, and I like sleeping under a great deal of covers so I can be as snuggly as I possibly can. Because I sleep so much, I feel like a pet kitty sometimes. And with my exceptional sleeping habits, my roommate and family […]

Intense heat and humidity

Going out with my friends and dancing has become my favorite weekend pastime. It’s not only fun to get all dressed up, but it can also be a great workout to enjoy! There are a lot of different clubs in my neighborhood, and there’s always new music to learn and enjoy with my friends. The […]

I’m feeling so much more comfortable

Remembering when I was young, I was always freezing. No matter what thermostat setting was, I was always complaining for the cold temperature to change. I even had one or two pairs of jeans that had fleece inside of them! No matter how much extra warmth I put on, winter was always really problematic for […]