Month: November 2016

The eye doctor

Personally I hate going to have your eyes checked, mainly because every time I have to get new glasses. But going to the eye doctor is usually going to the regular health practitioner, I always get so freezing. I hate being cold, and I always forget to bring a jacket or something to pay up […]

I like this home office

I have recently started working at home, and I really love it. It can be so nice to not worry about getting up in time to drive in morning traffic and care about how I look. The only bad part is that I can get so easily distracted when I get up to even acquire […]

These fluctuations are weird

I live in a house with three other people and we rotate dish nights. Doing dishes, takes so much time and energy and I hate having to wash dishes by hand. The worst part about being required to do dishes is that our HVAC unit is not working at the moment. We got window units […]

A new furnace

All my life, I’ve been quite sensitive to cold temperatures. When I was little, I was always wearing extra clothing, even during mild fall temperatures. I would wear my jacket inside the house too, since my parents refused to turn on the heater before winter showed up. Once winter came, everyday life was miserable. My […]

Electric bills

My mother recently made a decision to sell her old, outdated house and move into a tiny, more modern dwelling. Luckily, she was able to stay at the same neighborhood, so she needn’t worry about moving her things a long distance. Her new place is a short walk away to an ocean, which means that […]

I love this heater

Within the winter months is a time when most people seclude themselves inside where it’s super warm. I know that wrapping myself up in the comforter and watching movies on really cold days is amongst my favorite parts of winter time. It is also a time where you want to be sure that your HVAC […]

My office needs a new climate control system

One of my best friends lives a very old cabin on a bunch of farm land. The home has been in her family for years and her dad was the sole person who actually built it physically before she was born. Today, she lives in it with her spouse and they’ve been in the process […]

My parents’ have a good cooling system

Almost a year ago we went on holiday to visit my family. We drove to see them. It was a good drive and by the time we finished up the 1000 mile excursion we were exhausted and ready to relax. Unfortunately, when we reached my family’s house we ended up being told their heating and […]

This air conditioning is way better

When my youngster, Sarah, turned eight years outdated, we got her a completely new four-legged friend. My other four-legged friend was getting very old and I wasn’t sure although live much longer, so my youngster and I picked out this beautiful golden retriever to be our very own. That was the beginning to a whole […]

Boiler rooms

Have you kicked it in a really substantial city? I have not, and I am joyful, but there is one observation I adore about giant cities. I like skyscrapers. Really tall buildings are so lovely. Did you know that when they are completed, they use products which might bend just a small bit in the […]