Month: November 2016

I think this air purifier is perfect

A long time ago, I began attending some mobile church. The services are amazing and I’m growing a lot of closer to God during this process. I now help the mobilize operations per week. However, the weather is getting much colder with this northern uppermost city. A mobile church fails to use it’s own building, […]

Know your HVAC system

The year 2010 the holiday cooking fell to me, as it was our turn selected to host the Thanksgiving Day meals. Everything was going as projected, I had the decorations up plus the food cooking on time, until such time as disaster struck. Our central heating and air conditioning equipment suddenly smashed down. With all […]

Weather complications

I live with a friend in a beautiful townhouse, nevertheless nights here are ridiculous. We are constantly disagreeing for what the temperature within our place should be. He likes it extremely warm, all of that time period. Because we live in the South plus the weather here is usually warm almost year round. I like […]

New HVAC that really works

I would like to work on air conditioners when I age. My whole family looks on air conditioning repair for their livelihood. My grandfather has fixed air conditioners his entire life and my uncles and my pops all work in the exact same field. They seem to come home satisfied after helping someone fix their […]

I do love zone control

My husband really loves when I cook and bake things. It is a good thing I enjoy cooking and baking for him and my son. I bake cookies, cakes, brownies, you name it. My favorite part of the process is trying all of the goodies I bake. There is one problem with baking nevertheless. Baking […]

Having issues with my heating

Annually we have lots of bills to pay. Some of these bills include insurance payments for the house and the cars. We also pay our regular monthly bills like the water bill, car or truck payment, and power bills. I hate paying bills, but one bill I really don’t mind paying is for our annual […]

Heating and cooling and how it works

I unfortunately am extremely sensitive to extreme temperatures. For me, getting too cold or too hot causes my chronic disorder to  flare up. Unfortunately, this happens much too often. When my body gets too hot or cold, I immediately begin to feel nauseated and usually light headed. I have even collapsed from experiencing temperatures that were […]

I do love this HVAC unit

I haven’t worked at lots of places, mainly fast food places and just one law firm. The law firm was in a smaller building so it got cold fast. I hated working there for any simple fact that regardless of the the weather was like out in the open I was always cold while I […]

This mall does have a nice A/C unit

I really like going and getting a manicure and a pedicure, the feel of having someone rubbing your hands and feet is amazing. I love having some other person paint all my nails, especially my fingers since it takes a while for it to chip after having them done professionally. I really love having my […]

I really wish my heater worked

I always wanted a pool, when I was younger we always visited the beach. That was until I was stung by a jellyfish when I was ten. It was very traumatic in my situation and I haven’t been back in the beach since it happened. That was when I starting trying to talk my parents […]