Month: October 2016

Thanking my heater

I believe there are as many ways of looking for happiness in one’s life as there are people in existence. Happiness comes to people in different ways, whether they find it in a certain job or within a passion. Regardless of where your happiness stems from, I do not think you can succeed in finding […]

A reliable HVAC service

Me and my wife have a very large place, and we have no children to share it with. We put all of this space of the home to good use though. We are somewhat of a foster home for adoptable cats. We even occasionally take kittens who have been separated from their mom’s. These little […]

I’d like a new home

Last month I finally purchased a house of my very own that is everything I ever wanted. It’s a small house situated on a mountainside, but it’s not too small and is large enough to meet all of my needs. Back when I was house hunting, I was looking into several houses and considering them […]

I’m loving the climate control

My husband and I just made the decision to invest in a new smart thermostat. There were quite a few options from which we may choose. We made sure we read all of the reviews for each type of smart thermostat online. There were a few thermostats that had great testimonials but were too pricey. […]

Fall is my favorite time of year

I’m crazy about the fall season. I would say it’s definitely a close second to summer for me, personally. There is something quite exciting about cool temperatures in addition to the weather changes. To me, it symbolizes an alternative way of life. What’s not to appreciate about that? A month or two ago, I had […]

I need a far cleaner home

My skin can be chapped and red because I spend too much time cleaning the surfaces inside my house with soapy water. I rely on antibacterial cleaning tools, and I use a whole lot of bleach. My vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter, and I replace it all the time. I strip the beds of […]

Don’t you think the heat could go down a bit

Which means that every weekend for about 11 years I’ve been going to my grandmas to spend the day and stay over. I hate to complain to my grandma so I usually turn a blind eye. Eventually I gathered up the courage to try and adjust the thermostat. It took me awhile to find and […]

I did not expect this

I grew up in a small, rural town, so visiting the city was a brand-new experience. I was so excited to finally experience an alternative area, but I had nothing but bad luck from the minute I left. My first day in the city was a complete and total disaster. Not only did I lose […]

This furnace works just how I like it to

Whether your gas furnace is brand spanking new or extremely old, you need to take the best care of it. By neglecting the regular upkeep of your furnace, you can encounter severe consequences. Whether the furnace is working overtime during the winter, or sitting idly throughout the summer, dust is settling on the inner workings. […]

I like it cooler

After graduating from college, I thought that I could find a job instantly. Plenty of my college friends made it possible to immediately enter the workforce, but I had a difficult time. I mailed tons of applications, and spent days crafting the ideal resume, but no one got back to me. After a quarter or […]