Month: October 2016

New cooling systems

For too many years I have been using a portable air conditioning unit for relief from summer’s heat and humidity. In the past, this has worked out pretty well for me, because our summer is usually pretty quick in this area, so I never concerned myself with purchasing a permanent air conditioning system. This past […]

Drain clogs

I love going to the flea market. There are constantly tons of great deals, and it’s a good way to save money. Last weekend, I came home with a set of 24 shot glasses, and they only cost me five bucks! It seemed as if they were brand new too, since they were still in […]

My health can be negatively impacted by bad air

I have always suffered from hayfever and/or seasonal allergies.  They seem to be more common as time goes on. When I was younger, it appeared that only a small handful of children had to take allergy medicine regularly. Nowadays, though, a the number of kids with allergies is growing and many have to take medicine […]

This is how you heat water

Half a year ago, my hot water heater did not work and needed to be replaced. I called up a nearby plumbing contractor and hired him to handle the job. He replaced our old water heater with an innovative new tank-style heater. It worked really well for only a few months. We had a way […]

I just climbed out of bed

Of each of the seasons, winter is the one that I struggle with more. I love waking up within the summer when the sun is actually beaming through my windows, or with the fall when the leaves are generally vibrant with color, or spring in the event the flowers are in bloom. But, in the […]

This is how air conditioning service works

Everyone knows that wee lads and wee lasses love to run all about, playing and exploring themselves and the nature they live in. I, however, was not really into all that the world was scary, I was encouraged to go outside but I was disinterested. I was on the shy side and I had no […]

HVAC in an older motel

There’s an old, abandoned motel near my house. It is a really alarming place. Years ago it must have been a nice place to rent a space. Now it looks more like a set from a horror movie. Sometimes I wander around the lands of the old motel and wonder what it seemed like when […]

HVAC equipment that helps a small stand stay comfortable

Back when I was in high school, I used to volunteer all the time. I did it pretty much because I wanted to get many volunteer hours on my transcript for college, but additionally because I really enjoyed serving my community. I graduated with over 80 hours of community service. I spent some hours every […]

HVAC equipment putting me to sleep

I’ve been working as a store manager since 2012, and while I enjoy working with people, I hate adhering to a corporate environment. No matter what company you work for, retail stores tend to have a multiple rules, and their sales objectives are always unattainable. It is impossible to keep everyone satisfied, and that’s the […]

I know that quality HVAC is the key

My boyfriend and I have a date night every week. We both have  very complex lives so we set a day that is a designated date night each week which gives us time to spend together, even on the busiest weeks. Sometimes we live it up insides and other times we move it outside. Last […]