Debating on where my radiant flooring goes

My wife is very cold natured, and she is not taking to the recent cold spell very well. She has been miserable, and she walks around the house wearing several layers of clothing all of the time. I know she can’t help that she gets cold so easily, but I really wish it didn’t bother […]

IAQ and the office

A few months ago I started experiencing bad allergy issues. At first, I had no idea why I was having the problem, but after a little while I connected the allergies to the construction going on next to my office. The building next to us was being renovated, and there was a constant stream of […]

The ancient HVAC unit

I arrive at MY labor earlier than all the other people. Other than the real custodian, I am the first employee in the building.  I like to really get my labor done early and just clock some overtime minutes. The best part of this is that it is really quiet and I am able to […]

How to cool a bigger space

I savor my job. I enjoy it so much that I come to school an hour early every morning. I take pride in my labor and want to really provide the best education for all of my nice students. I am the first teacher in the building every real morning. That time of morning is […]

Heater may catch on fire

If there were ever a real day I would love to forget, it would be that day when our cooling system plan easily really caught on fire. One day the old fire alarm just starting buzzing plus I went to the real source of the smoke to find our own Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan […]

The HVAC repair took too long

It was really well known that the two of us had a very entirely nice mini motion picture theatre set up in our awesome garage, but lately, some friends have really been begging to come over to watch a nice motion picture. So finally the two of us really arranged a date. My wife plus […]

the new home heat pump

For the past few months, my husband and I have been working on building our new dream home. We’ve bought a plot of land and are consulting with an architect to design the blueprint for the main floor of the house.  We’ve been faced with a lot of difficult decisions, and the price of the […]

Visible ductwork

I have a really little house down south that my partner and I take trips to. The loft is a fixer upper, however my real partner and I are loving the challenge. The people I was with and I really  have completely redone the kitchen. The people I was with and I have real current […]

Unsure what to do for a/c

I am toying with the real proposal of getting my mother window a nice A/C or a current PC this Christmas, then the both of the items are super high-priced. I can only get 1 and give it to her. They both are really around the same amount of money too; So I just have […]

The boiler in the mall

Every year, I look truly forward to Black Friday shopping, because I take true advantage of some tremendous deals.  I live in the true northeastern section of the country, where the nice weather is consistently cold plus wet for the true majority of the year.  Our old shopping centers are all enclosed malls where truly […]