The AC in a salon

Whenever someone asked my sister what she wants for her birthday, Christmas, or other occasion, she always says the same thing, a gift certificate to her favorite salon. She should be part owner by now with all the money she has spent there.  She loves being pampered and goes at least once a week.  I […]

The air conditioning while cooking

I am now a head cook in a fancy upscale restaurant in New York city. Let me say, I have worked in the worst kitchens while having to work my way up into the best and classiest of kitchens that I am in today. So, you can imagine my surprise when I finally arrived at […]

Airplanes air conditioning

I never thought I’d personally experience a downside to traveling. I love traveling. I have had the itch to travel since I was a youngster when my dad was in the navy. He traveled all around the globe always keeping us nearby for we were a great close knit family. But, sadly, I am learning […]

The HVAC ducts caught on fire

I live in an home complex that is right on the main highway in our town. I have lived in the building for 5 years and three years ago decided that I would buy the place I lived in. It was a taxing decision to make, however overall I thought it was worth the money […]

The boiler ruined my morning

I am never late for anything, ever. I wake up early every single day and am on a strict routine. I am so good with my timing, I can even predict the traffic lights in my area. I like to go to the gym before work so I can come back at the same time […]

A/C installation for malls

I love buying things more than I love other activities. There is just something so amazing about finding that one perfect piece of clothing which you feel good to look at  in each and every way. Today, more than possibly ever, people only shop on the internet with the convenience. But, personally, I just love […]

Abroad vacation HVAC

There is not a single thing that can spoil a European vacation of a lifetime then the little events that turn into the most frustrating things. You save and save your cash imagining museums, diners, along with sightseeing parties, but how often do you meditate on the weather? I mean, I knew we wished to […]

Dishes with no AC system

For a mom, there are a million activities to do before I can sit back and relax with the night. When I come home from work, I have to prepare dinner, throw in some laundry, and make sure the kids are showered and in bed by their bedtimes. Then, I have to be sure that […]

Contractor for heaters

To be a contract worker is not the most beneficial job. It is great to enjoy time to yourself and schedule your appointments, but other than that, it sucks. It is crazy to think that I have actually managed to keep my customers after all the complaints they hear from me about my job working […]

Husband is a AC repairman

My spouse  just walked out on me. This is all in reaction to an ultimatum he gave me, when I was simply expressing myself about a concern between him & his mother. That mother-in-law of mine causes issues & I told him so. They made me so mad that I told him he was free […]