Stove on and AC off

I live in a small trailer home with more than two other college guys. We are all flat broke, which means the the college guys and I cook a lot of our own food. Groceries are less costly than going out to eat all the time. The summertime makes this overtly challenging for us, however […]

Sitting in AC

Fortunately, I job at a fitness center. This job comes with a few important perks for me. The first is that I take free exercise classes, which is awesome. I can go no matter what time it is, of course just not when I am getting paid to be there. Paying for a gym membership […]

HVAC team at the grad party

I will never forget my school graduation but not necessarily for the reasons you may think! I went to school in the south, the graduation ceremony was one of those monumental marathons. The group of us had use of an indoor pigskin venue that was also air conditioned, so at least all of us knew […]

AC in the tropics

I have the best memories of our tropical honeymoon, it was such an wonderful time. Well I should say that most of it was an amazing time. The two of us decided to visit a spot totally out of character for us so we went to the tropics. The two of us thought, how could […]

Newly built HVAC

We stopped at the most popular coffee shop to get the usual. The shop also has wonderful pastries. Even though I work nearby, I had not had the opportunity to get my favorite caffeine intake fix. The shop had been closed for business for a few weeks now while the interior in the shop gets […]

Heater update completing

I moved to the west coast thinking my days fumbling with thermostats were finished. You always hear about the way in which it never gets above or below 72 degrees and even if it does you may solve any temperature related woes by merely opening or closing your window. I was wrong. My first apartment […]

Being in a military family I have lived in many climates

Since I have been raised in a military family, I have moved around the country a lot. From my experiences with moving from coast to coast, I have lived in a variety of different climates. I have stayed in the west, southwest, and mid atlantic regions. I have visited family in many different areas of […]

Traveling, staying in hotels and broken thermostats

One of my most favorite things to do is travel. I love to travel by bus train an airplane. Most of the time I just use an airplane. My most favorite place to visit is a tropical location. Usually these locations are very warm. On my latest travels I traveled somewhere that was tropical. I […]

Satisfying the horse

At one point in my life, I debated getting a horse. I thought it would be so great to be able to get around town fast, without having to worry about getting gas and oil changes. Cars are just such a hassle. I honestly think the cons outweigh the pros in that case. I have […]

Traveling gig

About a year ago, I started working for the local chemical factory. I usually do not preface my work like this though when it comes up in conversation. The reality is that I am a travelling businessman. I do not work on the line, synthesizing the chemicals. That is a miserable gig that I know […]