Furnace replacement

I don’t know why, but I am always so tired. If I sat down plus entirely added up how much time I spend at work, it would absolutely exceed most people I know. I was forced to take a sixth task recently; Yes, you heard it constantly. I have three tasks. I had to take […]

HVAC guy not around

Last Sunday was one of those afternoons where I did not get a single moment to stop and breathe. I was busy from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep. It all started off when our electricity went out, my power went out at some point while in the evening, […]

Only warm air out of the ducts

My spouse had actually convinced me to learn how to bake. I have consistently been a nice cook, I just never undoubtedly l acquired how to make anything other than entrees. However so, with a recipe book in hand, I tried to make our first apple pie. It was only several weeks to Thanksgiving, so […]

Cooling for bands

My good friend had surprised me for my birthday! I have always been a gigantic fan of this unique band, and they just so happened to be putting on a show in our condo town the week of my birthday, then my best friend bought us tickets for us to go! To say I was […]

Need a/c at a rink

I recently had to start looking for an extra job to pay for some unexpected emergency bills. Fortunately, our neighbor Steve was able to help myself and others out, however she recently opened an ice skating rink in our city, plus needed someone to monitor the ticket sales, however it seemed like a really fun […]

HVAC for watching football

It was the middle of football season, and it was getting actually exciting! My team was first in it’s division, and team members had suffered several injuries. I thought every one of us would not be doing as good as every one of us have been, but I was sure wrong! I did not have […]

Duct cleaning

I try to take genuinely nice care of myself.  I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or eat fast food.  I am a vegetarian and I avoid saturated fats and excess sugar.  I try to go to bed at the same time every night and get severalminutes of sleep.  Everyday, I go for a run, lift some […]

Ac is an issue

My sibling and her husband have been fighting for the past two weeks. She has been calling me on the cellphone every night to complain, until she finally came to stay. She has been here for 3 nights, and she is already on my nerves. I am tempted to call her husband and tell him […]

After school cleanup

Working in a very small school has some definite drawbacks. I discovered one of them this week after our janitor got very sick. My school did not have a backup for him, so the janitorial work has been left to the teachers until he is able to return! Initially, I was not worried about it. […]

Students in jackets and hoodies

Teaching high school is always quite an adventure, and I never know what each day will bring! Often, though, I confess that I do not understand my students. I remember following trends and fads in my day, but it seems like the trends today are so nonsensical! For the past several years, I have kept […]