Letting the furnace blast out heat

If you have ever had the misfortune of buying a historic house, then you surely know the serious and expensive issues that come along with the property. Some call the idea a labour of love, but we have learned better, and simply call it a labor. At first, my love for the house overshadowed the […]

HVAC maintenance agreements

My husband is not good about checking up on maintenance around our house. He tends to ignore minor problems as long as possible. Very often, this ends up causing me lots of aggravation and inconvenience. Sometimes, it also costs us a lot of money. We definitely should also have our furnace professionally inspected every year. […]

Trying to find a great heater

I spent my childhood years in the deep south, the weather was consistently hot and humid. Even on Christmas day, the temperature would typically climb within the triple digits. My family ran the air conditioner pretty much year round. After I managed to graduate college, I was ready for some change. I’d only seen snow […]

Controlling the air in here

I have spent the last twenty odd years collecting vintage, acoustic guitars. I’ve purchased guitars from music stores, yard sales, flea markets, and sometimes even online. I am always looking for very old guitars in outstanding condition. I have made it my hobby to revive these instruments while preserving their own original history. Some of […]

This is very smooth operation

I generally experience severe issues with allergies. I dedicate a substantial amount of effort, time, and expense to help with alleviating my symptoms. Living in my area we have four distinct seasons and numerous challenges. In the spring, there is loads of pollen in the air. In the summer, freshly mowed grass and humidity is […]

I left my heater on

My parents are notorious for refusing to change appliances that are broken. My father has become the type of person who would like to get the most out of anything he purchases, so even when appliances aren’t working well, he insists on continuing to run them. For example, even despite the fact that their stove […]

I am ready for a puppy

I have already one dog, but I am enthusiastic about getting another. I always feel so guilty leaving my dog at your home alone while I am away at work, but if I had two dogs, they could both play together and keep each other company while I am gone! Plus, I truly do adore […]

What a fantastic heater

During the last few weeks, I’ve been trying find a new car. I’ve been scouring various ads in the newspaper and online, and I’m starting to realize that there are a ton of different features to choose from. I have to think about whether I’d like to see a two-door or a four-door auto, or […]

My furnace stopped working

After buying our home, my husband and I bought an alternative HVAC system because the one  installed wasn’t energy efficient. We had money left from our renovation budget and decided to purchase this as a necessity. I’m glad we did because right after moving into our house, most people discovered we were pregnant. When our […]

This HVAC maintenance is important

I love being single and Valentine’s Day is but one huge reason why. Every year, I throw a celebration for all my single friends on Valentine’s Day and expect them to invite someone that is date worthy so you can easily meet other people. That is the reason why it’s important for me to enjoy […]