Going to a business meeting

Several days ago, I received an giant promotion at my job. I was going to act  in charge of the activities committee. It was an entirely awesome deal, plus a opportunity of a lifetime, so far. It was a pretty great increase in pay, plus extra work. The other Friday was the first event, plus […]

I’m having big heating problems

A few months ago, I received a big promotion at my company. I was about to be in charge of our activities committee. It was a genuinely great deal, & the task of my life, so far. It had been a pretty significant increase in salary, & a bunch more responsibility. Last weekend was my […]

I do love this air conditioner

     Any time my air conditioner started acting weird, I immediately called on an area HVAC contractor for repairs. The air conditioner was dripping a substantial amount of water, making a loud screaming noise whenever it started up, and not providing enough cool air. Since the air conditioner was just about ten years old, I hoped […]

Solar panels

I make sure to do my part to protect the future of our planet. I always minimize energy waste whenever conceivable and minimize my contribution to landfills. I recycle all plastic and glass containers, compost cardstock and food waste, and ride my bicycle most of the time. I heat and cool my home by having […]

How to maintain the HVAC

I believe lots of people are not good about maintaining their Heating and Air Conditioning systems. Not everyone has a modern heating and cooling system in their home.  The equipment is expensive and requires attention regularly. To ensure that an HVAC system functions for the entirety of its intended lifespan, it is essential to do […]

Exercising in the AC

I have been in a regular workout routine now for about eight weeks. I have never stuck to an exercise program for this amount of time. Typically, I start working out and then give up after a couple of weeks. When I realized that my health was at risk because of my lack of exercise, […]

No AC on our trip

Last year, I took a week long vacation with my family. It was a great idea, and we had an awesome time. It is a challenge for all of us to manage to get together   because we are grown up.  My brother, Paul, & I live in different parts of the country.  When we are […]

Market HVAC repair

I stopped in at my local grocery store on my way home from work.  I stop there several times every week.  I like to decide on what to eat on the spur of the moment.  This also allows me to pick up numerous other items I might need.  I always finish the trip with a […]

Too many workers-HVAC

When I had seen that I am going to be at my home for a few afternoons, I try to get done as much as I possible. This month, I knew that I had a lot of house items that I needed to get finished. I needed to have a man look at a plumbing […]

Wanted a better furnace filter

While washing my house the other day, I noticed that there was a lot more debris than usual. I had just bleached the home last week, plus now all of my furniture was covered in debris again, some areas of the house did not seem too awful, but others were absolutely gross! At first, I […]