I really like this air conditioner

One of the more expensive parts of your home is normally the HVAC system. Try to sell your home when it lacks an operational HVAC system and you’ll quickly realize that no one in the market for a house wants to buy your house. People require air conditioning and heaters. It is as simple as […]

We have to hook these wires up

Have you seen the show about those wild coupon ladies? I love watching that show because these women are able to get whole rooms full with grocery items for twenty bucks. I have often thought of attempting their extreme couponing methods but to date haven’t been able to apply them. Recently, though, I did obtain […]

This is great

With all the budget cut at the police station things have been pretty tight lately for my family. I’m Officer Lewis, and I only just purchased my first home. Not realizing the cut backs were going to take place so soon, I used the bulk of my savings for the down payment and some minor […]

My heat pump takes care of everything

I was fortunate enough to come into some money recently. I’ve wished for something like this for some time now. I currently live in an older home on the outskirts of town. Over the course of the last few years, I have been sinking my money into this home. The constant renovation process has become […]

This is the perfect solution

When my spouse and i decided to build our perfect home from scratch, I knew exactly exactly what HVAC system I wanted. Although a geothermal heat pump is often a significant investment, because of the underground loop system, it’s unquestionably worthwhile. The system takes advantage of the stable temperature underground, as the heat pump transfers […]

Investing in a new HVAC system

As nurse in our community’s middle school for the past six years, I have long been concerned about the inefficiencies of our present heating system, which is as old as the school itself. Our community’s limited school budget has never included a line item for upgrading that system or even doing the minimum that would […]

Trimming down my monthly energy bills

The “new” job I took a few years ago lets me work from home — an arrangement I am extremely happy with. No more morning alarm clocks, no more “dressing up” to goto a distant office, no more concerns about the weather, or traffic congestion. I am able to sleep later and still get a […]

This hotel is perfect

Southbound on vacation! What a great way to start a late winter weekend. As we prepared to depart from our northern home, we had to deal with the last vestiges of the cold-and-snow season: Our driveway had to be plowed, our windshield had ice on it, and since outside temps were a few degrees below […]

We love these air purifiers

I love to read historical novels about the Civil War era as well as earlier times in history.  The clothing the girls wore was wonderful as well as expensive, as well as I periodically assume how unusual it would be to be able to wear those kind of dresses.  They are all glamorized in the […]

Some new tips for homeowners

I love to learn historical novels about the Civil War era and earlier.  The clothing worn was charming and expensive, and I sometimes think how odd it would be to be able to wear those kind of dresses.  They are all glamorized in the books, when you learn about the balls that were thrown, dancing […]